My Cardiologists

Stanley Biel, MD, FACC
Sam Bishara, MD, FACC
Saad Bitar, MD, FACC
Georges Chahoud, MD, FACC
Lalit Chouhan, MD, FACC
Gregory Gabliani, MD, FACC
Rama Gondi, MD, FACC
Thomas King, MD, FACC
Robert Lutan, MD, FACC
Joseph Moore, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Suresh Narayanan, MD, FACC
Bharat Shah, MD, FACC
Samer Thanavaro, MD, FACC
Edward Weiss, MD, FACC
Ali Ziaee, MD, FACC

  Practice News

Drs. Bitar and Ziaee Recognized as “Best Doctors”
Congratulations to Drs. Bitar and Ziaee named among the “Best Doctors” (Cardiologists) in the August 2007 issue of St. Louis Magazine.

Dr. Saad Bitar Recognized as “Best Doctor”
Congratulations to Saad Bitar, MD named among the “Best Doctors in St. Louis” in the August 2006 issue of St. Louis Magazine.

Dr. Samer Thanavaro Recognized as “Top Doc in Cardiology”
Congratulations to Samer Thanavaro, MD named among the “St. Louis Top Docs in Cardiology, 2006” in the April 2006 issue of Alive Magazine.

Dr. Azrak and Dr. Bitar are the cardiologists who started PFO and ASD closure in Alton, St. Louis North County and St. Charles.

Dr. Lalit Chouhan’s Special Certification
Congratulations to Lalit Chouhan, MD now certified as a cardiologist with Special Competency in Cardiac Pacing and Cardioversion Defibrillation.

top Facts:
Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. CHD is caused by a narrowing of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, and often results in a heart attack.    learn more »

top Reducing Heart Attack Risk:
You can reduce your risk of having a heart attack—even if you already have coronary heart disease (CHD) or have had a previous heart attack. The key is to take steps to prevent or control your heart disease risk factors.
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top Heart Attack Warning Signs:
A heart attack is a frightening event, and you probably don’t want to think about it. But, if you learn the signs of a heart attack and what steps to take, you can save a life—maybe your own.    learn more »

top Act In Time To Heart Attack Signs:
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the National Council on Aging have launched a campaign to increase awareness of the need to act fast and call 9-1-1 when someone may be having a heart attack. Fast action can save lives and limit damage to the heart.    learn more »

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With 30 years experience, St. Louis Cardiology Consultants provides a complete cardiovascular, diagnostic, & therapeutic program for patients in the St. Louis area.
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